Assistant committee to the organization

  • Albertini, David
    Albertini, David Scientific Advisor
  • Qiao, Jie
    Qiao, Jie Scientific Advisor
  • Tanaka, Atsushi
    Tanaka, Atsushi Scientific Advisor
  • Ubaldi, Filippo
    Ubaldi, Filippo Scientific Advisor
  • Viville, Stephane
    Viville, Stephane Scientific Advisor
  • Schenker, Joseph
    Schenker, Joseph Ethics
  • Harper, Joyce
    Harper, Joyce SIG Reproductive Genetics
  • Makrigiannakis, Antonis
    Makrigiannakis, Antonis SIG Endometrium and RIF
  • Khalaf, Yakoub
    Khalaf, Yakoub SIG Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
  • Barry A, Cappel
    Barry A, Cappel Secretariat
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